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Your European deputies

The Central Region, Limousin and the Auvergne together form the European electoral region, Massif Central-Centre. European Parliament elections are held every five years and, since 1979, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected directly under universal suffrage.

In total, there are currently 751 MEPs of which five represent Massif Central-Centre. These are:


Angélique Delahaye (UMP)

Group of the European People´s Party


Jean-Paul Denanot (PS)

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament



Brice Hortefeux (UMP)

Group of the European People´s Party


Philippe Loiseau (FN)

Europe of Nations and Freedom


Bernard Monot (FN)

Europe of Nations and Freedom


European regional policies

Stemming from its size and history, there are a number of significant economic, social and rural disparities among the 271 European regions. To reduce these disparities, the European Union has developed a cohesion policy, a rural development programme and a common fisheries policy for its 28 member states.

In the period 2014-2020, the EU is investing around 28 billion euro in French regions.

These subsidies are divided between the four European funds (FEDER, FEADER, FSE, and FEP) as follows:

These projects aim to promote, in particular, sustainable development, employment, integration, research and innovation in small and medium sized enterprises and rural development.

The European Union is present in France every day to promote and administer:

  • Improved economic and social cohesion
  • Rural development and the common fisheries policy

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